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My boy keeping me company

My boy keeping me company

the Kinks, Led Zeppelin


Led zep- 4 turn ons
Smelling good. Seriously if you smell good you are winning at everything!!! Someone who is not afraid to be themselves, that includes being able to not take yourself so seriously, if you are capable of being a total egg with me then you’re awesome. Smiles, good smiles melt me. Finally a good sense of humour can never go amiss.
The kinks-3 fav blogs THIS IS HARD I love all the design and type blogs I follow like visualgraphic but other than them art-not-logic theclotheshorse and and and damn there’s too many ):


Led Zeppelin: 4 turn ons
The Doors: 2 places you'd like to visit
Pink Floyd: What are some things that make you sad?
The Rolling Stones: What's better, a fling/one night stand or serious relationship?
Jimi Hendrix: Name 8 things that make you happy
The Runaways: Would you say you are self confident?
Metallica: Do you have any special talents?
The Ramones: Do you have any pets?
Simon and Garfunkel: What song(s) help you get through the day?
The Beatles: Are you a flirt?
The Mamas and The Papas: Define yourself in 5 words
Blondie: Are you a virgin?
Nirvana: Are you an artistic/creative person?
David Bowie: Are you a follower or a leader?
Red Hot Chili Peppers: Have you been to any concerts? Which ones?
Iron Maiden: Would you say you have a "sexy" figure?
Guns N Roses: Do you do drugs?
Motörhead: Are you a totally badass motherfucker?
Pat Benatar: Ever been in love?
The Who: 2 of your favorite foods and 2 of the foods you hate
Pantera: Did you ever get into a fist fight?
The Moody Blues: What's your favorite genre of music?
Journey: What's your favorite band?
Genesis: Do you genuinely care about others, even strangers?
AC/DC: Name 7 things people do that piss you off
Paul Anka: Are you a romantic person?
The Kinks: 3 of your favorite blogs
Suzi Quatro: What do you look like right now?
Motley Crue: What are your favorite brands? (Define your sense of style)
Neil Young: Do you play any instruments?
Rainbow: What's better, day or night?
Joan Jett: Sexual orientation?
The Misfits: Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
Janis Joplin: In your opinion, what was the greatest time or era for music?
Deep Purple: 3 of your greatest fears
The Tragically Hip: 6 things you want to accomplish
Aerosmith: Favorite celebrity? Least favorite?
Johnny Cash: Are you a religious person?
The White Stripes: Are you close with your family?
Madonna: Describe your crush

Flu injection advertising amuses me “choose intanza it’s 10x smaller!” Oh sweetie try being diabetic….

We are tough!
Go team betes!


The only thing that would make these secret room bookcases cooler is if you activate them by pulling out a special, secret book :)

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OP - My Neighbour Totoro


OP - My Neighbour Totoro

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Chewbacca and Friends by Cuije Photo [website | facebook | pinterest]

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"DC Bombshells" Series Part II —
By Ant Lucia
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Artist: -Website- | -Twitter- | Facebook
GeeksNGamers: Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr | Artist | Adventure On!

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Mama Fury on waking up the Avengers.

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I don’t think there will ever come a time when I won’t reblog this.

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Happy Star Wars Day!


Happy Star Wars Day!

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